Wii Madden Cup
Wii Madden Cup: Your Worldwide Leader in Wii Madden Tournaments.


-a FedEx Cup style tourney league consisting of 7 tournaments
-An NFL style regular season league
-You will be awarded a set number of points based on how you place in tournaments and perform in the regular season.
-You're free to join as little or many of the tournaments and regular season as you wish but the more you play the more points you'll rack up.
-At the end of the season one player will be awarded with the Wii Madden Cup

JOIN Wii Madden Cup Today to max out on fun for your Wii Games!!!

Wii Madden Cup: Your Worldwide Leader in Wii Madden Tournaments.
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All of you should put this into your signature anywhere you can...especially EA forums.


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Attn: Wii Madden Cup Members
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