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-a FedEx Cup style tourney league consisting of 7 tournaments
-An NFL style regular season league
-You will be awarded a set number of points based on how you place in tournaments and perform in the regular season.
-You're free to join as little or many of the tournaments and regular season as you wish but the more you play the more points you'll rack up.
-At the end of the season one player will be awarded with the Wii Madden Cup

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Wii Madden Cup: Your Worldwide Leader in Wii Madden Tournaments.
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 craziest plays in a game

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PostSubject: craziest plays in a game   Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:35 am

i thought this would be fun to hear everyones crazy plays

i currently have 2
second one happens muiltiple times

1. chargers vs. dolphins
as im running a pitch with Tomlinson i big hit a guy, the ball comes loose bounces for a couple yards i pick it back up and ran down and got tripped up at the 4.

2.same game
20 yards out sproles runs a streak as #1 wr.
throw it to the end zone tipped by the defender and just before it hits the ground gates scooped it up and barely got 2 feet in for the touchdown

post anything that is crazy/wacky anything you wouldn't see ever really in an NFL game and by that i don't mean your opponent calling the same plays 30 times over
but yes that is a bit crazy
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PostSubject: Re: craziest plays in a game   Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:41 pm

i user select my defender to tip the ball away.. then i hit up on the wii remote to attempt to intercept it after knocking it in the air.. my defender then proceeds to swat it directly in the direction of the wr instead of attempting an easy pick.. needless to say the wr then catches it and scores.. ridiculous
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craziest plays in a game
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