Wii Madden Cup
Wii Madden Cup: Your Worldwide Leader in Wii Madden Tournaments.


-a FedEx Cup style tourney league consisting of 7 tournaments
-An NFL style regular season league
-You will be awarded a set number of points based on how you place in tournaments and perform in the regular season.
-You're free to join as little or many of the tournaments and regular season as you wish but the more you play the more points you'll rack up.
-At the end of the season one player will be awarded with the Wii Madden Cup

JOIN Wii Madden Cup Today to max out on fun for your Wii Games!!!

LeagueDaddy?? Wmc_lo10

Wii Madden Cup: Your Worldwide Leader in Wii Madden Tournaments.
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$4.33 is all we need to get a subscription to League Daddy! Please donate today!



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PostSubject: LeagueDaddy??   LeagueDaddy?? LiveFri Sep 04, 2009 9:51 pm

For Those of you unfamiliar with LeagueDaddy it is a stat-tracking and standing tracker. Which allows you to write fun game-recaps, team news articles and make your league like NFL.com. We are considering a 6 month subscription to LeagueDaddy. It costs only $54.95. Less than $10 a month. We are wondering who would be willing to donate just a little bit of money via paypal to help fund leaguedaddy and make it possible for the WMC. It will help bring owners and make the league a fun place to play madden. So if you would like to donate a little money or would consider it please post below and an approximate amount of how much you would donate. This will not happen most likely if no one steps up and donates. But if every one of the 32 owners donated just 32 cents per month. We could make this possible. Thanks all.

What does LeagueDaddy offer?
Your own custom league with any number of teams, divisions, conferences and owners. Creating a league modeled after an NFL season? No problem, just choose our pre-defined NFL league for the current year.
Custom stats for all the teams in your league.
Each owner updates the stats for their games, and only their games.
Automatically updated rankings and standings.
Integration of LeagueDaddy standings and rankings seamlessly into your own site.
Automatic notification to league members of game scores and standings.
Members can own multiple teams and/or teams can have multiple owners.

We are happy for every donation given and if you donate you will recieve a prize based on how much you donate to the fund. Plus it will make the league much more fun with this site!!! THANK YOU CONTRIBUTORS
to view prizes go here: http://wiimaddencup1.forumotion.com/nfl-style-league-discussion-f15/leaguedaddy-donation-prizes-t122.htm

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PostSubject: Re: LeagueDaddy??   LeagueDaddy?? LiveSat Sep 05, 2009 12:40 am

I'm willing to donate $5 towards the purchase.
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